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Job Creation: I believe that we can grow the economy through sensible policies that would help businesses innovate and thrive, increasing the size of our workforce and invest in our youth population through higher education reforms and trade jobs training so that our students are prepared for the jobs of today and tomorrow. I will support policies that promote private and public spending on R&D, as well infrastructure projects.


Affordable housing is a huge issue in California. I will be an advocate for affordable housing and smart growth. This is a critical issue touching Californians across the state. Everyone should have the opportunity to live in the community in which they work. This includes students, young families, teachers, nurses, firefighters, and business owners who contribute directly to the quality of life in this district. The median income in the county of $86,000 is not enough to afford a home and rents are increasingly unaffordable. The average sale price of a home in recent months is $426,000 and the average rent for apartments is $1,550 per month.

The incumbent, voted against three key bills enacted this year, SB 2, 3 and 35. I do not believe a blanket "no" vote is constructive. These bills generate needed revenues and remove impediments to development, critical to tackling the housing crisis.

  • SB 2 is expected to raise about $250 million a year to finance the construction of affordable housing.
  • SB 3 places a bond measure on the November 2018 statewide ballot and requires $3 billion set aside to finance low-income development, and an additional $1 billion for veteran's home loans.
  • SB 35 limits impediments on land already zoned for a developer's proposed housing.

I believe that with the current housing crisis, our graduating students and our aging community need affordable housing. I will fight for our fair share of state housing funds, diversify housing options and enable the workforce to live where they work.

As a representative for AD6, I will vote for sustainable, affordable housing.


Accessibility: I believe that California’s healthcare system and its economy is stronger when everyone is included. I will fight for access to affordable healthcare and I agree with 70% of Californians that the way forward is comprehensive healthcare coverage that includes everyone.

Affordability: I believe that no one should go bankrupt because of an accident, new health issue or preexisting condition.  I will also address the rising costs of prescription drugs and will support a system that would streamline our healthcare system and provide affordable access to everyone. 

Protection: I am opposed to repealing the Affordable Care Act and supports amendments that will improve healthcare delivery and make it more comprehensive, affordable and accessible. Rising healthcare costs threaten to financially cripple our state and bring harm to millions of people. These costs must be contained by reducing the cost of prescription drugs. Over 35,000 members of this district receive healthcare through the ACA, yet 20,000 remain uninsured. Healthcare coverage not only benefits people who live in the district but also the economy. The fact is that more than half (56%) of Californians surveyed are worried that they, or someone in their family, will lose coverage if the ACA is repealed and replaced.

The incumbent has publicly stated he is opposed to the state's Medicaid expansion saying it is too costly but provides no alternatives to the thousands of residents in this district who stand to lose their health care.

I will fight to protect and expand access to affordable health care.


Jackie will be a voice for seniors at the state capitol. 

One of the fastest-growing populations in Assembly District 6 is the senior citizen community – a surge of 10,000 in the past couple of years. Seniors are concerned about access to health care and supportive services and the cost of their prescription drugs. For many living on fixed incomes, the shifting price of prescription drugs can be a life or death issue.

Prescription drug cost transparency provides people more control over their health care decisions. California passed the most comprehensive law aimed at shining a light on prescription drug prices. The incumbent was one of nine Assembly members that voted against it. His vote is contrary to the concerns and financial interests of our seniors. As the AD6 representative, I will fight for reasonable protections against rising health care costs.

As your representative, I will fight for:

  • Creating a 2-1-1 Program – “A Bridge to Senior Services”
  • Affordable healthcare & housing
  • Access to the internet & training
  • Fair Prescription Drug Prices
  • Senior public transportation
  • A senior’s ability to age in place
  • Legislation that will address the establishment of a long term master care plan for our seniors


K-12: I believe that every child in the district deserves a quality education, regardless of background, ethnicity, or zip code. Rapidly changing demographics, affordable housing, and increased attacks on California's public education have created a new set of challenges for communities in District 6 and I am determined to meet these challenges head-on. Several districts with similar demographics have achieved tremendous success in their school districts by creating positive partnerships with their communities.

As the AD6 representative, I will work towards a more dynamic, kid-centered education system. It will require the broad support and involvement of everyone—students, families, schools, both public and charter- businesses and government, foundations, institutions of higher education, and others.

As a community organizer, I have the experience to bring diverse groups together and work to find common ground on issues.

Charter Schools: I believe that we should work with both public and charter schools to ensure that all students, regardless of background or socioeconomic status can receive a quality education. As your representative, I will work towards a more dynamic, child-centered education system that addresses the needs of every child. 

Higher Education: Today, the fastest-growing occupations require education and training beyond a high school diploma. However, almost half the students who begin college don't finish within six years. Tuition continues to rise, putting college out of reach for the individuals and families that need it most to join the middle class. I will champion the expansion of trade programs in community colleges statewide and support policies that make college and degree programs more affordable to prepare our youth for jobs of tomorrow.

I will vote for legislation that boosts college completion and ensures that every student has access to an affordable and high-quality post-secondary education.


Environmental Protection: I feel privileged to call one of the most beautiful parts of California “home”. I understands how important protecting the natural resources of the district such as a safe and adequate water supply and clean air. I will support and initiate legislation to reduce fire risk and protect the livelihoods of victims of natural disasters. 

Environment and Water: As Californian's we know about the importance of protecting our water. Our district can ensure restorative efforts by voting in favor of proposals that would effectively save and distribute this precious resource. That is why I am in favor of proposals that, first and foremost, promote the cultivation and expansion of natural meadows and opposed to costly/insufficient solutions such as dam building. 

We need to focus on drawing rainwater and snow melt underground. Our water table has the capacity to store the equivalent of two lake Shasta's if only we provide the right conditions. By protecting California’s meadows, rich with native grasses, we can maximize water storage and prevent flooding.

The incumbent voted against every bill protecting our beautiful state. Most recently he voted against SB5 protecting our water, rebuilding our parks and restoring our wildlife, the extension of cap-and-trade style markets to reduce gas emissions from methane, oil and natural gas emissions and AB617 establishing air quality regulations. This list goes on and on.

As the AD6 representative in the Legislature, I will vote to protect our air quality, our environment and most importantly our water.


LGBTQ Rights: I am a proud member of the LGBTQ community and founded the Placer Stonewall Democrats to be a voice for LGBTQ rights. I am also on the E-board for LGBT California Democratic Party.


Net Neutrality: I believe that a free and open internet is an essential part of a free society, and I will fight for net neutrality.


I believe in common sense immigration reform that will attract innovators to help our economy grow allowing California and the US to remain competitive globally. California has benefited from job growth driving down unemployment rates and expanding opportunities for everyone and moving California from the sixth to the fifth largest economy in the world. Without common sense immigration reform, our farmers will be hit hard without a legal means to employ a workforce to ensure their produce makes it to market and onto our dinner tables. It is important to ensure we have a workforce that enables California to meet the economic needs of its residents. Currently, our high-skilled immigration program is not functioning, with severe delays in processing. Farmers run the risk of having their crops going unpicked.

Securing of our borders and enforcing existing immigration laws should be accompanied by an immigration policy that will enable the necessary reform to address the status of undocumented individuals who are already living in the US.

I support the Dream Act that will allow innocent individuals who accompanied their parents as children to the US, to pursue higher education and afford them a pathway to citizenship.

Although this is at the federal level, due to the connection of this issue to California, I support the Keep Families Together Act so children are not detained indefinitely and are reunited with their families. I oppose the separation of families at the border and the detaining of children in cages in unacceptable conditions that will cause irreparable damage. The bill establishes a preference for family unity, discourages the separation of siblings, and creates a presumption that detention is not in the best interests of families and children. The bill also requires DHS to develop policies and procedures allowing parents and children to locate each other and reunite them if they have been separated.  Such procedures must be public and made available in a language that parents can understand.  In cases of separation, it requires DHS to provide parents with a weekly report containing information about a child, and weekly phone communication. This is important for the mental health and well-being of children.


Prop 64 was passed in California in 2016. Marijuana sales are producing revenue that the state will utilize for healthcare, homelessness, and mental health facilities.


As a gun owner myself, I am an endorsed candidate of Moms Demand Action. I believe in SMART in gun ownership, keeping guns away from children and background checks to ensure individuals with a history of mental health issues are not approved for gun ownership. I believe that guns should be kept in a gun safe with the ammunition in a separate place to prevent accidents. In the case of concealed carry, gun owners should be required to take a minimum of eight hours of training every two years to carry a gun.


I believe in a woman’s right to choose. Roe vs Wade is the law of the land.


I believe in getting money out of politics. My mission is to serve my constituents in an equitable manner and grow the economy so everyone benefits. Most of my campaign funds are from over 1000 plus small donors. I will not accept any corporate funding.


Jerry Brown approved the $199.6 billion California budget in July of 2018 for the 2018/2109 fiscal year. Here is the budget breakdown: $138.6 billion for the general fund, the government’s main checking account; $57.1 billion for special funds, largely for safety net and transportation programs; and $3.9 billion for bond debt. The general fund is allocated among the following: K-12 schools, higher education, corrections, and health and welfare. The largest spending category in the state budget is health and human services, currently utilizing 32% of money from all funds. K-12 schools are allocated roughly 41% of the general fund. The 2018/2019 budget makes significant investments in schools and universities, eases the crisis of poverty and homelessness, and begins the process of fixing CA’s long-neglected streets and highways – in addition to boosting our reserve, the so-called Rainy Day Fund, to $14 billion. To help keep college affordable and accessible to more Californians, there has been additional funding for the CSU and UC systems, with almost $500 million going to both. That being said, we must ensure that budget allocations are ultimately made in a transparent manner and there be adequate accountability to ensure funds reach the intended purposes. There is much opportunity to do more. 

Anyone who has driven along California rivers has seen homeless encampments and understands how intolerable the situation has become. This budget doubles to $500 million the emergency aid to cities dealing with the crisis. The incumbent voted against the budget funding on supporting our homeless community.

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"I will fight for policies that grow the economy and protect and improve the quality and financial life of all of our residents."
— Jackie Smith

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